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Funding for High-Impact Pediatric Cancer Research

Solving Kids' Cancer is a nonprofit organization with a track-record of funding novel clinical research for children diagnosed with high-risk solid tumors specifically neuroblastoma, brain tumors and sarcomas.

The Therapeutic Development Initiative (TDI) is SKC's strategic platform for the implementation of our research agenda as well as the vehicle for reviewing and prioritizing submitted research proposals. The TDI's goal is to support innovative clinical studies that are high on the risk/reward spectrum while, at the same time, investigating these research questions efficiently and effectively. Priority is given to proposals that introduce therapeutic agents and modalities which are first-in-children and have a strong potential to improve treatment outcomes.

key points

    •    The TDI of SKC only supports clinical research. The organization specifically focuses on novel clinical studies for neuroblastoma, brain tumors and sarcomas. We may fund studies in which additional pediatric cancer types are included in the study protocol. Please see our Mandatory Aims and Prioritized Guidelines below for more specific information.

    •    Proposals are accepted and reviewed throughout the year on a rolling basis. Proposals received earlier have a greater chance of support based on the programming budget.

    •    The TDI utilizes a streamlined proposal format called a Clinical Idea of Intent for all submissions. Proposals are submitted online and reviewed within 3-weeks of receipt by a first level scientific advisory panel that will assess the proposal’s fit with the stated aims and criteria of the TDI. All submitted Clinical Ideas of Intent will be reviewed through this triage process and investigators whose proposals are recommended for further review will be requested to submit additional proposal details.

    •    Funding award amounts generally range from $50,000 to $600,000 depending on the scope of the study.
    •    Please review the Mandatory Criteria, Prioritized Guidelines and Examples of Studies Previously Supported by the TDI sections below to assist you in creating a proposal that meets our funding goals.


Mandatory Aims

    •    The TDI supports clinical testing of promising therapies that may significantly and fundamentally improve treatment for             children with pediatric cancer. While SKC values pre-clinical research, only clinical studies are supported via the TDI                       program. Final pre-clinical work that is requisite to the submission of a protocol may be considered in certain                                   circumstances.
    •    The clinical study must focus on neuroblastoma, pediatric CNS tumors and/or sarcomas. Additional pediatric cancer types           included in the study protocol may be acceptable.

Prioritized Guidelines

    •    Novel investigational agents– first-in-children or first in specific cancer type including immunotherapeutics and biologics
    •    Ability for study protocol to be submitted for IRB review within 6-months of proposal approval
    •    Study designed to answer hypothesis quickly:
          ◦    Phase Ø, Proof-of-Concept, Pilot Study or small Phase I study design          
          ◦    Enrollment anticipated to be completed within two years of IRB approval
    •    Pre-clinical data: While TDI proposals must be clinical in nature, there has to be sufficient pre-clinical support (multiple                 cell line data, xenograft data and patient-derived cell line/animal data with promising tumor response) to recommend an             initial study in children. Any pre-clinical work must be completed within 6-months of the proposal submission
    •    Study will include initial assessment of efficacy of promising therapy
    •    Study proposes biology component that will advance disease understanding beyond drug dosing
    •    No institutional overhead or indirect funding will be provided under the terms of the grant


Proposal Format
The Clinical Idea of Intent is a streamlined pre-proposal form submitted online through the TDI Portal that summarizes the novel hypothesis/clinical study being proposed. This allows a quick and efficient process for both submitting and reviewing initial proposals as well as communicating back to the applicant.

Submission Deadlines/Timelines
The TDI accepts Clinical Idea of Intent proposals throughout the year open-ended. These will be considered by TDI scientific advisors as they are submitted. Although there are no submission deadlines, it is recommended to apply as early as possible to have the greatest opportunity for support based on the appropriated programming budget. SKC employs an expedited, abbreviated granting mechanism to accelerate discoveries and ultimately translate findings to childhood cancer patients more quickly.

The TDI reviews proposals on a rolling basis. Initial review will occur within 30-days of submission. Formal communication will be initiated within 5-weeks of submission. If this initial review is favorable, the TDI will request a more detailed proposal or seek further discussions to identify potential funding collaboration.

Approvals of all TDI Proposals are made by the TDI Scientific Advisory Board and the Solving Kids’ Cancer Board of Directors. Requesting additional proposal information after triage review of a Clinical Idea of Intent does not constitute funding approval. After approval, a Project Grant Agreement will be created and agreed upon by the Investigator and the Charity. SKC strives to make approvals within 3-months of the proposal submission.

Award Amounts
TDI Awards are funded in a range from $50,000 to $600,000 depending on the nature of the proposed project. No institutional overhead or indirect funding will be provided.

Award Duration
The TDI program funds Clinical Research Grants up to two years for promising therapeutic approaches with potential to significantly improve the treatment of pediatric cancer.

Additional information

    •    SKC welcomes applications from researchers within or outside the United States.
    •    Prior work in cancer research is not a prerequisite for applying
    •    Research fellows applying for funding must identify a full-time institution faculty member with whom they are affiliated. Research fellows whose project is ultimately approved and funded will be expected to complete the proposed project
    •    Companies interested in support for clinical efforts in pediatrics are welcome to apply.

Applicable to all Submitted Proposals
    •    Application and required documents must be in English
    •    No institutional overhead or indirect funding will be provided.
    •    All submissions are considered confidential and are available to the Scientific Advisory Board, the Board of Directors, and the staff of SKC only

Qualifications and Conditions
    •    All awards will be payable to grant recipients to use for the purposes of the submitted grant only
    •    Personnel costs may not exceed 15-20% of the budget. Exceptions may be made for proposals documenting a need for more.


Email us at grants@solvingkidscancer.org. We are happy to answer any questions related to submitting a proposal for funding

Receive Grant Alerts

To receive quarterly emails from SKC about grant opportunities, please email info@solvingkidscancer.org. Solving Kids' Cancer will not sell, share or trade your personal information with a third party for any reason. Correspondence will strictly be to announce grant opportunities.